Some Comments in Mohale Rest & Retreat guest book over the years

Very first group – Christian Life community Gauteng

18 -19 August 2007
We were privileged to be the first users of this lovely peaceful place. Thank you for your hard work and generosity in preparing it.
Barbara Gearing - Johannesburg

May 2008
Mohale is a lovely meeting place for all those people of prayer whose life you have touched and will still touch, though they will never all be here at one time!
Yolande Trainor - Simons Town

15 -18 June 2008
Thank you for your kind hospitality ...a wonderful welcome to South Africa & a great spot for our team to spend a few days together.
Mariah Nix - San Francisco USA

15 -18 June 2008
It was great to enjoy comfortable beds and a fresh home to relax in after days of travelling. Your guesthouse really is a place to rest and reconnect – thank you for creating this space.
Aimee Donald - Glasgow Scotland

25 July to 30 July 2008
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship – Global project to Malawi:
After a month of living, learning and serving with the Student Christian Organisation of Malawi, our team of 20 individuals came to the guesthouse to debrief and reflect on ourExperiences. Thank you for giving us a peaceful space to meet God and process through the things He has been teaching us!
Group from University of Illinois USA

6 Junie 2010
Thank you for your amazing generosity and your love. You have created a beautiful welcome and rest place. Mohale is unique and I pray that God will continue to bless you and all who come for rest, these 5 days has been very special.
Adrienne Blackie - Johannesburg

June 2011
Everything about this place...all speak to the vision of the founders, their vision of a place of “encounter, wholeness, renewal, faith, hope and love.” May you know you are a part of the life stories of all who come here.
Nontando - Victory park

February 2012
Thank you to Mohale rest and retreat. Always a good place for me. In my heart there is nothing I doubt about this place, accommodative, giving more han expected. The Holy Spirit works in people!
Puleng Matsaneng

25 March – 28 March 2012
It has been a real joy to be here, co-directing the JISA 30 days Spiritual Exercises with Puleng. Thanks be to God, who working in us can do so much more than we could ever imagine Ephesians 3: 14 – 21
Fr Paul Fletcher SJ UK

April 2014
Ek dank die Here vir so “n wonderlike paar dae. Hy het my regtig ns ‘waters waar rus is” heengelei.
Griet Pretorius

September 2014
In my life I have been on several retreats, but this 4 day silent individually guided retreat topped all the rest.

November 2014
This place has been orchestrated by the Lord God Almighty through Lorraine & Piet’s, a place where God’s weary pilgrims can drink from the Living Water.

December 2014
This is a place to find God’s presence and should not be missed by anyone.
Sr Letta Sefolo

March 2015
How wonderful it was to bask in the Glory and Presence of God. Thank you for making it possible for us. Blessings!
Charmaine Carstens

September 2016
Lorraine, God Bless you and your staff for running this Blessed abode.
I felt loved, special and tended to in these two days. It has been a time of many Graces and the realization of all the abundant treasures in my life's journey. 

November 2016
Mohale Rest and Retreat  - a place where man and God meet face to face for a deep conversation. thank you for this beautiful place.
Sr Josephine  from Botswana   

November 2017
Thank you for 'a home away from home' experience. The gardens and spaces are so inviting and your rooms so comfortable.

September 2017 
Thank you for the hospitality. The welcome and hospitality were friendly and the service excellent. The room is very nice and clean and has everything I needed. The retreat is in a nice, quiet neighbourhood which I enjoyed as I am not used to the city. The garden is beautiful and well kept. I can highly recommend this accommodation.

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